Please take time to complete this survey, to help plan the 2018 racing season at OREC. Your ideas and input are appreciated and will be considered.

Type of racing you participate in:
BracketsTS/TDNo PrepStock/Super stockJr DragsterIndexStick ShiftHeads-Up / Small TireTest-N-Tune / GrudgeNot Currently Racing

Describe your racecar

What sanction do you prefer OREC to have?
IHRANHRADoesn't Matter

If you are a bracket racer, which class(es) do you race in?
Super Pro/Top ETPro ET/ModifiedStreet/SportsmanMotorcycleJr DragsterN/A

Do you prefer quarter mile or eighth-mile competition?
EighthQuarterdoesn't matter

How many test-n-tune/gambler race events would you plan on participating in at OREC?
1-1011-1516 or MoreN/A

If you are a bracket racer, check the following that applies
I prefer payout to be "top-heavy" with lower round money and most payout going to the top 8 finishersI prefer payout to be spread out through the rounds of competition.I prefer 12 or fewer bracket points races per season.I prefer 13 or more bracket points races per season.I prefer 1-day points race per weekend.I prefer 2-day points races per weekend.None of these options apply to me

Would you be willing to pay $5 additional dollars on each bracket entry fee to go towards the season-ending point's fund?

Have you heard of the Contingency Connection Program?

Would you be interested in going to the IHRA Bracket Finals in Martin, Michigan representing Team OREC?

If you are a class racer (Stock/Super Stock); How many races would you like to see at OREC each season?

If you are a junior Dragster racer, please answer the following:

Do you prefer juniors split into two classes of competition?

Do you prefer a buy-back round for first-round losers or a consolidation race?

Feel free to include any comments concerning the 2018 race programs at OREC.

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