Fantastic Turn Out!

Saturday, June 9, 2018 will go into the history books as the first Saturday event at the newly opened Onawa Racing and Events Complex (OREC). More than 100 entries were on hand for the test-n-tune/fun day with gamblers races event.

Officials were elated with the support of racers and fans as the event was well attended by both racers and fans. Additionally, the track surface performed awesome as many racers commented how smooth and fast the track is and some even mentioned they made their quickest and fastest runs ever. Not too shabby for a brand new track with a fresh layer of rubber.

Racer Lee Sellin had the first perfect triple zero reaction time (.000) to collect a cool $1300 in cash. Special thanks go to some OREC board members, the Onawa Racing and Events Center and other supporters who provided the funds for this impromptu contest. Congratulations to Lee as well!

OREC will be open next Saturday, June 16 (open at 10 AM and on-track at 11 AM) for a Fun Day with open racing for everyone, trophy and gamblers races and then Sunday, June 17 will be the “Old Time Drags” for street legal cars, trucks and bikes with some old style flag start racing!

The following weekend, Friday, June 22 is a Fun Night (open racing for everyone) then Saturday and Sunday (June 23 & 24) are the first bracket race events of the season that will include the North Central Super Street Association.

OREC managers and board members want to thank all those who attended events this past weekend for their support. It was an awesome start to a new ERA for drag racing in the Midwest in the fine style be the Onawa Racing and Events Complex!



Upcoming Schedule of Events

Saturday, June 16       Fun Day. Test-n-Tune, Trophy, Gamblers, TCR. Open 10 AM, Race 11 AM – 4 PM (prox)

Test-n-Tune $20, Adults $8, Kids (6-12) $3, Under 6 Free

Sunday, June 17          Old Style Drags (part of the Graffiti Night events) for Street legal cars, trucks and bikes.

Flag start racing! Open 9 AM, Racing 10 AM til 2 PM (prox)

Racing $25, Adults $6, Kids (6-12) $2, Under 6 Free

Friday, June 22           Friday Fun Night. Test-n-Tune, Trophy, Gamblers, TCR. Open 5:30 PM, Race 6 – 9 PM (prox)                                                Test-n-Tune $20, Adults $8, Kids (6-12) $3, Under 6 Free

Saturday, June 23       Points Bracket Series Event #1 (see 2018 schedule section on website class info). Open 9 AM, Time Trials 10 AM, Eliminations follow. Adults $10, Kids (6-12) $5, Under 6 Free

Sunday, June 24          Points Bracket Series #2, Open 8:30 AM, Time Trials 9 AM, Eliminations Follow

Adults $10, Kids (6-12) $5, Under 6 Free

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