Summit SuperSeries Points 2021

If  you disagree with your points or would like to speak about them please feel free to call Gari @ 719-248-4354 or Gary @ 719-248-4249


Are  you registered for points for the 2021 Season ?

Dont forget you must participate in at least 5 points races regardless of your points to be eligible for bracket finals.

Blank= was not in attendance for the race

0 =  zero points accumulated

You get to drop four races . The first two to drop are June 26 & 27 as rain outs and everyone received zeros. You must still have raced at least 5 races or a min of 50% of the races offered to qualify to be on the bracket finals team .   Dropping races off gets very tricky in trying to figure out where you are in points . Some people will be dropping all zeros aome will drop points .


Dont miss out on the last weekend of points races of the 2021 season . It is sure to be a nail biter !


2021 Season Points – Top ET as of  8-29

2021 Season Points – Mod ET as of 8-29

2021 Season Points – Sportsman as of 8-29

2021 Season Points – JR Dragsters as of 8-29






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